Robert Bosch

Unique electric carts for Bosch


Bosch is market leader in the development and mass production of push belts for continuously variable transmission (CVT). The production within Bosch is mostly realised through machines with moulds. WEWO Techmotion has, among other things, developed an electric cart that eliminates the possibility of any oil remaining in that cart. As a result, the failure of these parts has been reduced to a minimum, thereby guaranteeing the reliability of that cart

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Trouble-free electric carts

But there’s more. Thanks to a special hook-up system, the moulds can now be easily removed from the machines and transported on the electric cart. By using a scissor table, only a single type of cart is needed to push the mould into the machines at any height. Finally, this trouble-free electric cart is equipped with detection sensors so that the cart stops when an object is detected.