Máxima Medical Centre | Electric tugs

Electric tugs for Máxima Medical Centre (MMC) in Veldhoven


The Máxima Medical Centre (MMC) is the largest medical centre in the South-east Brabant region and is located at two sites, namely in the heart of Eindhoven and on the outskirts of Veldhoven. Hospitals are the scene of a multitude of facility streams. WEWO Techmotion has, therefore, developed electric tugs for the MMC in Veldhoven for a variety of purposes.

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Electrically powered tugs

All carts are electrically powered and equipped with the latest developments in drive technology. For example, we have supplied a special document cart with detection sensors, for safety reasons. This allows driving behaviour to be adjusted. One of the customer-specific solutions that WEWO Techmotion supplied to MMC has been a special cart for the transport of oxygen cylinders.