AGV for healthcare

Hospitals can contact WEWO Techmotion for various solutions for transporting meals, laundry, medicines, medical equipment, sterile goods and waste. Automated guided vehicles but also electric transport and special solutions.

AGV for supplying departments

The AGVs of WEWO Techmotion can supply the different floors in your hospital, among other things. Examples include the aforesaid medicines, medical equipment and sterile goods, but the supply and removal of clean and dirty bedding and meals can be organised through an AGV as well.

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AGV link-up with your existing software

In order to perfect logistics automation, we can easily link the Fleet Management Software of our AGVs with your existing software. For example, with the software that manages and plans the transport of meals and medicines but also with your MES or ERP system. This makes AGVs of WEWO Techmotion easy to implement in your existing business process.

AGVs that meet IP values

Our automated guided vehicles are, of course, fitted with all the necessary safety provisions for your hospital to ensure that the interaction between environment and staff is completely safe. Navigation, for example, is achieved through natural navigation and, where necessary, reflectors. This is because WEWO Techmotion is well aware that the solution we realise for you must conform to the strict requirements applicable within the healthcare sector. Our AGVs, therefore, meet the IP values that apply to your industry.

Electric transport and bed movers

In addition to AGVs, we also offer various solutions in the field of electric transport. Electric carts, for example, for transporting various materials through the department. A bed mover is one of our special solutions. All pushing, pulling and turning power is provided by the mover. This reduces work-related health problems and as such, the risk of sickness absence. Thanks to the WEWO Techmotion bed mover, your hospital beds can be easily moved by one instead of two people.

Unique solutions for healthcare

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