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WEWO Techmotion provides unique solutions in the field of electrical transport.

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  2. The entire process - from design to production - in-house
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With an electric cart from WEWO Techmotion, heavy lifting or pushing is a thing of the past. Regardless of which industry you work in, without harmful emissions and with minimal noise pollution

An electric cart of WEWO Techmotion

Electric carts come in different shapes and sizes but WEWO Techmotion carts all have one thing in common, they are designed for the easy and ergonomically sound movement of products and materials. An electric cart makes heavy lifting or pushing a thing of the past, no matter what industry you work in. All this without harmful emissions and with minimal noise pollution.

An electric cart can be built entirely according to your desired size and design, with a maximum load capacity of no less than 2.5 tonnes. Furthermore, an electric cart of WEWO Techmotion usually reaches speeds of up to five kilometres per hour and is equipped with front-wheel or centre-wheel drive. The speed of our electric carts can be controlled with a potentiometer. 52 Amp/h maintenance-free Dry Gel batteries create a powerful power supply. And finally, the shear shaft, which drives the electric motors, can be adjusted in height using the gas spring.

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Electric carts of various designs

Electric carts of WEWO Techmotion are available in different models. The carts are made to order or can be delivered from stock. The choice is yours! This is because the entire process, from design to production, is managed in house. In addition, we offer you to complement your electric cart with various scissor tables, docking units or superstructure variants with shelves. Anything to make your life easy. Thanks to our many years of experience in the logistics sector combined with our own engineering, we are able to meet many customer-specific requirements for you.

An electric cart for your organisation

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