Electric transport

Electric tugger

WEWO Techmotion provides unique solutions in the field of electrical transport.

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WEWO Techmotion provides a handy tool for ergonomically performing physically demanding work: an electric tractor, also known as an electric tugger.

Electric tugger

Do your employees often have to deal with difficult and ergonomically unsound work? For example, moving heavy shopping trolleys, hospital beds, transport carts, industrial carts or roll containers? If so, WEWO Techmotion is the right place for you. We deliver the ideal solution in the form of electric tugs.

Compact and user-friendly electric tugs

Thanks to our compact and extremely user-friendly electric tugs, rolling containers and other rolling transport carts can be transported very easily and without physical strain. Moreover, the electric tugs of WEWO Techmotion can move a wide variety of weights. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the logistics flows within your working environment.

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The right battery for your electric tugger

The electric tugs of WEWO Techmotion use powerful and durable batteries that provide sufficient capacity for moving heavy goods. These batteries are, of course, easy to charge, simply by connecting the electric tractor to the mains.

Mechanical hook-on for your electric tugger

In order to connect your electric tugger to a load, you can choose from different mechanical hook-on mechanisms. WEWO Techmotion supplies a standard hook-on mechanism that is easy to hook up to most product carriers and trolleys. Is this mechanism not sufficient for your product? No problem! In that case, WEWO Techmotion will be happy to develop a tailor-made hook-on system for your product.

An electric tugger for your organisation

Does an electric tugger of WEWO Techmotion sound like the perfect solution for your organisation? Challenge us, make your wishes known and schedule a no-obligation consultation!

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