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Electric transport

In many industries, certain transports are no longer permissible from a working conditions point of view. Electric transport can change this. Furthermore, electric transport can improve logistics processes. It is, therefore, used in a variety of sectors and in varying situations. For example, the use of electric transport is popular in the industrial sector to optimise the production process. Electric carts are particularly useful in catering or in warehouses because such a cart can lift up to five hundred kilos and is easy to operate at the same time.

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Electric carts, electric tugs and bed movers

The electric transport solutions of WEWO Techmotion are ideal for the internal transport of equipment and materials so that heavy or large loads no longer have to be transported by hand. Each of our solutions can be tailor-made to suit your needs. That way, the solution that we come up with for you always ties in perfectly with the unique situation applicable within your organisation. Whether this concerns

Electric transport in various designs

Electric transport by WEWO Techmotion is available in different models, each with a large load-bearing capacity. Our solutions are made to order or can be delivered from stock. The choice is yours! This is because the entire process, from design to production, is managed in house. In addition, we offer you to complement your electric transport with, for example, a scissor table, docking unit or superstructure variant with a shelf. We have the right solution for every logistics problem.

A unique solution for electric transport

Are you looking for a unique solution in the field of electric transport? An electric cart, an electric tugger or a bed mover? Challenge us, make your wishes known and schedule a no-obligation consultation!

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