Special solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions, that is what WEWO Techmotion can help you with. We call them special solutions. With us, you have the possibility to realise a custom-made solution that fully meets your internal logistics problems.

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Special solution for various industries

Thanks to years of experience in logistics processes, our specialists will assist you as early as from the initial phase. Subsequently, our in-house design department starts working on developing your special solution. And, of course, we will also guide your project in the field of planning, implementation, service and maintenance. No matter what industry you work in, from automotive to production , from food to paper & printing and from the pharmaceutical to the healthcare industry.

Special solutions of WEWO Techmotion

Are you curious to find out which special solutions WEWO Techmotion realised in the past? Our website lists various of our historic cases, including those at Volvo Cars. At Volvo Cars, we have come up with a concept to remove all forklifts from the assembly line. Materials are supplied with the help of a train, after which the materials are ergonomically presented on the production line by means of special scissor tables and tilting dollies.

Specific internal logistics problem

Do you, like Volvo Cars, have a specific problem with your internal logistics? If so, it is good to know how we would tackle this. Here, we provide you with a detailed account of our project approach, combined with an insight into what else we can do for you. First of all, we listen to your (general) ideas, of course. Not only do we look at the design options, but we also proactively think along about feasibility, production and costs. We maintain continuous contact with you during the production process so that you always know where you stand. This way, we aim to remove as many of your concerns as possible, with a sustainable solution for your internal transport as the end result.

Your unique special solutions

Are you, like Volvo Cars and other references, looking for a solution for your unique problem? Challenge us, make your wishes known and schedule a no-obligation consultation!

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