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WEWO Techmotion wants to be your innovative supplier and partner in the fields of internal logistics and logistics automation. We are continuously innovating to achieve this goal. That way, we can keep up with and stay ahead of the rapidly changing market with our automated guided vehicles, electric transport and special solutions.

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“A unique solution fits your unique situation. Our expertise lies in developing and producing customer-oriented issues. "

The vision of WEWO Techmotion

Here at WEWO Techmotion, every innovation starts with an idea. And because the best ideas come from actual practice, we maintain continuous contact with our customers. We improve and renew our products, in collaboration with them. But there’s more. We are technically progressive, which means that the technology behind our solutions is always distinctive.

Innovative high-tech solutions for intra-logistics
It is not without reason that WEWO Europe is an expert in the development, production and implementation of innovative high-tech solutions for intra-logistics.  Together with a team of passionate and driven employees, we create intelligent and flexible solutions for the internal logistics of our customers. They are powerful, customer-specific solutions with a modular basis.

Logistics robotics and internal logistics solutions
Our strength and knowledge lie in the development of future-oriented, efficient and intelligent logistics robotics and internal logistics solutions. We can also add value to your organisation thanks to our comprehensive product range and expertise.

Our core values

This added value is also reflected in our commitment, innovation, passion and flexibility. These core values have been in our DNA since our foundation and, together with our down-to-earth approach and our customers, have been the pillars of our success.

Our involvement stems from a genuine interest in you as a customer. That is what binds us and what sets us apart. Yet we also care a great deal about our employees. We think it is important that they can develop further, according to their personal wishes.

Every innovation starts with an idea, and the best ideas come from actual practice. That is why we maintain continuous contact with our customers so that we can improve and renew our products together with them. Moreover, we are technically progressive.

Passion and enthusiasm
Passion and enthusiasm are central to everything we do. This allows our employees to meet and exceed expectations, both of our customers and themselves.

We want to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to wishes, questions and new developments. That is why our working method is characterised by short communication lines, direct contact and a high level of responsibility among our workforce.

Exceeding your wishes
At WEWO Techmotion, we aim to, at least, meet the customer’s requirements but we prefer to exceed his wishes instead. We think along with you proactively and always put ourselves in your situation. This applies to our sales people but also to our engineering team and the professionals in our factory.

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Service and maintenance are of vital importance to WEWO Techmotion. After all, your business operations depend on the continuity and reliability of our solutions. That is why our organisation is fully geared to providing a fast, adequate and customer-oriented service provision. This way, we can guarantee quality, thereby ensuring that your business processes are permanently protected.

There is, of course, one thing that’s even better than providing a service and that is preventing breakdowns. Planned preventive maintenance (recorded in transparent reports) is key. With this, we guarantee the best possible performance of your logistics solution. This preventive maintenance is, of course, part of your service contract.

At WEWO Techmotion, your service contract is tailored to your customer requirements and the character of your project. For one customer, a basic contract may be sufficient, whereas others need a full-service contract, including spare part management. In either case, you can rely on our professional team with know-how in the field of software and hardware.

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